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Annapurna round trek with Nepal Mountain Trekkers
The Annapurna Round Trek in the western locale of Nepal is generally viewed as one of the best trekking trails on the planet.
Annapurna round trek
Manaslu circuit trek
Travel Agent
Manaslu Circuit Trek is considered one of the most challenging treks in Nepal; it is rewards the adventurous with an unparalleled alpine experience. The Manaslu trek offers a perfect combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed Himalayan beauty, spectacular scenic beauty, fascinating Tibetan culture and a rich mountain biological diversity. Manaslu at 8118 meters is the 8th highest peak in the world and is located near to the border of Nepal and Tibet. The name Manaslu means "The Spirit-Mountain" in the local dialect, referring to the benevolent and strong deity, which dwells within.
Trekking in Manaslu trek is one of the most delightful adventures. If you would like to sample both extremes of the trekking experience in Nepal, and really get to see what all the excitement is about in terms of the most breath-taking mountain scenery on earth, then look no further than the Manaslu circuit via the Larkya La. Pass. It is challenging trip requiring good physical fitness and stamina.
The standard Manaslu circuit trekking usually begins from Arughat and ends at Dharapnai in Annapurna region.
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Manaslu circuit trek
There is no doubt that Nepal offers some of their most terrific and excellent view on the planet. Eight of the universes ten most elevated Himalayas are found here, including the renowned Mt. Everest. Trekking in Nepal through the Himalayas you will be following ways that have been utilized for a considerable length of time and passing through towns with nearby individuals from an assorted scope of moral foundations. Their warm, outgoing and inviting natures help give a profitable ordeal to the trekkers
Trekking in Nepal
Ramesh Luintel
Ramesh Luitel looks after overall management of the company as managing director. With more than three decades of experience in travel and tourism sector, he along his Euro-Asia team continues to exhibit natural and cultural magnificence that Himalayan countries Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan has to offer.
Tours in Nepal