Strategies to Drive Organic Business Growth

Organic business growth is the ideal option for most businesses as it entails using available resources for business expansion. When trying to grow a business organically, it is important to balance quick wins with long-term goals so the business does not lose sight of where it would like to go. Organic growth yields tangible results…

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The 6 Top Tips for Hiring People

Having the right people working in your company can make or break your business.  Managing your stress during employee recruitment is important and you need to remember that you are not going to be able to please everyone in your company.  As it is important for job seekers to keep up to date with industry…

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Bad Bosses Can Teach You A Lot

Do you have a bad boss?

Bad bosses are detrimental to our enjoyment at work and to the business’s they work in. They demotivate people and cause businesses to rack up huge costs as people leave or simply don’t give their best.  A study by Life Meets Work found that 56% of American workers claim their boss is mildly or highly toxic. A…

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Crowd Fund Campaign Helps Clients Own The Business

 UK property marketplace, TheHouseShop, has opened its doors to investors who are interested in owning a share of the fast-growing, digital property platform. Since launching in 2016, TheHouseShop have expanded rapidly to create a unique “Amazon-style” marketplace designed to work equally for everyone involved in the market. Co-founders Sebastien Goldenberg and Nick Marr are…

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