How to perform better at work without spending more time!

Research reveals that millions of us are working too hard and in the wrong way
Discover the techniques used by the most successful people to perform at your very best.

How I Created a Social Media Viral Shared By Hundreds Of Thousands Of People!

inspiring positive change

How to Perform Better at Work Without Spending More Time!

Book by Nick Marr

Millions of people are working in the wrong way! Learn why. This book is FREE to my visitors. 

Emotional Intelligence Test

Emotions at work

Emotional Intelligence helps people perform at their best and is proven to get the best performance from leaders.High levels of emotional intelligence improve working relationships.

How To Create a Social Media Viral

Social media viral

I created a social media viral that went global! I reveal the secrets to my success . Learn why most people get it wrong. 

Learn techniques from Nick Marr who acreated a global viral sensation

Online Leadership Course

leadership by nick marr

Leading people can be an opportunity to create a lasting impact on people lives. Done badly it can lead to disaster!   Discover the techniques and enhance your leadership skills and put your career on the the road to success. 

help to achieve your goals  

I coached leadership as a police officer at Londons Metropolitan Police Leadership Academy then went into business starting the UK's first online estate agency. I ran a succession of successful digital marketing businesses. My success was recognised in the UK's Financial Times and I also appeared on BBC TV. 

Coaching and mentoring people to reach their own goals has always been apart of my life.

Today I am an author coach and leadership expert. My expertise is backed by real life experience of running companies as a former Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Sales. 


Be the best that you can be!

You will find lots of free content and ebooks that will help you raise your awareness, address any problems that you perceive may be holding you back. I also offer online courses and ebooks covering such subjects including leadership, diversity and inclusion , self confidence, starting an online business, managing teams, self development, goal setting, emotional intelligence, motivation to Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing.

Coaching Professionals

I am a professional certified coach helping people optimise behaviours so they can perform better to make better decisions, inspiring others creating valuable relationship both at work and in their lives.

Key Note Speaker

.One of my passions is equality, fairness and creating diverse workforces. My own experiences as police officer in a non diverse organisation and employing diverse teams helps me authentically speak from the heart.Diverse workforces does not only mean gender and race. It includes, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, religious beliefs, education and socio economic status.

Digital Marketing Expertise

Having run online businesses since 2000 I have a natural interest in social media, search engine optimisation, user experience and converting valuable traffic online. In March 2016 I created a viral that started on Instagram reaching a global audience and appearing in newspapers, and radio! I continue to work with experts in their field which helps me keep up to date in the ever changing world of online business and start-ups


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