Nick Marr
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Succesful Entrepreneur
Featured in the FT for online innovation
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Qualified Coach
Leadership, NLP and Life Coach
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Featured on the BBC as business innovator responsible for several start-up businesses
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Experienced in developing leaders and helping them maximise performance
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Chief Marketing Officer
Digital marketing expert & former CMO
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My first business helped change how we buy and sell property in the UK.

Nick Marr

Do you have a business idea?

With over 20 years as a founder and business owner, I know it can be a lonely place. Risking financial security, risking how people see you if you fail! Having a vision that others just can’t see can make you feel uncomfortable. You can worry that the plan and vision to success are actually real or is it a dream you’re trying to make a reality.  The fact is going it alone is not easy. I have been there myself and felt the feeling you may have. 

I work with entrepreneurs, individuals who want to master leadership and individuals that want to enhance their life skills. 


Selected works

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Strategies to Drive Organic Business Growth

Organic business growth is the ideal option for most businesses as it entails using available resources for business expansion. When trying to grow a business organically, it is important to balance quick wins with long-term goals so the business does not lose sight of where it would like to go. Organic growth yields tangible results…

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How to Create the Perfect Artistic Space

Every artist is unique, and each has their ideal environment in which to work. Nevertheless, all artists need to consider some fundamentals in designing their artistic space. We take you through some of those decisions. Finding the Perfect Spot Your creativity can be hampered if you have to work in a noisy place, handle interruptions,…

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