How to perform better at work without spending more time!Research of 5000 workers reveals the secrets of how the top performing people work 

It’s true… you could be currently wasting your time at work by working in the wrong way

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Self Help book by Nick Marr

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What no one has told you is that for decades we have all been working in the same manner. There is no formal education on how to organise our work to achieve the best results. Knowing the optimum way to approach work is crucial as we spend most of our lives working.

Here’s What People Are Saying..

Wow super simple and really good evidence to help me start reducing my hours and getting things done at a better standard.

Jonathan Francis, Fife, Scotland

Thanks Nick  I think we need to pass this knowledge onto our younger generations. It’s unfair that we just carry on without this sort of information. Great book .

Jane Christopher, BT 

The book was really useful around how high achievers choose to work when faced with lots of tasks.Its always been a dilemma for me and  I am now working in the way it suggests in the book 

Scott Granger Illinois USA

Good easy book to read concepts made sense, straight away it me helped me solve problems that I have at work with my boss!

Grant Lomez Sydney Australia

Nick Marr featured in the Financial Times appeared on BBC TV and author at Huff Post.

After years of coaching senior executives and operating several business it was clear that most people are working in the wrong way! I hope my book changes the approach you have to work or confirms that you have got it right

Author Nick Marr

Book by Nick Marr

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