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Why The Price Of Social Media Cannot Be Our Health and Children’s Safety

I love social media it’s helped me create a business and like others keeps me in touch with friend and is a form of entertainment. I even created a viral social media just by using my head. I write about the dangers of social media that now need to be stopped!

The tide is turning and governments and users alike are turning against these platforms who need to respond fast.

Children Being Groomed Right Now!

A recent study showed that more childrenare being groomed on Instagram than on other social media platforms,

Police in England and Wales haverecorded more than 5,000 cases of online grooming since having sexualcommunications with a child became a crime in April 2017, child protectioncharity the NSPCC found.

Instagram users are being targeted

Instagram was used in a third of caseswhere a method was disclosed, while Facebook was used in 23% of cases andSnapchat in 14%. The number of cases on Instagram that police dealt with roseby 200% in the space of a year.

Girls aged 12 to 15 were most likely tobe targeted by groomers, and victims included children as young as five yearsold, according to the group, which based its figures on freedom of informationrequests to 39 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales.

A fifth of the victims were 11 years old oryounger

Fake News Causing Health Risks

NHS head Simon Stevens said parents are denying children life-saving jabs because of lies posted on YouTube and Instagram.

NHS England say that fake information isresponsible for people not taking up vital prevention vaccines.  YouTube as well as Facebook-owned Instagramand WhatsApp as among the platforms on which anti-vaxxers are spreading what hesaid was “fake news” about vaccines. NHS England said that England

Stevens said discussions within thehealth body has focused on how to stem the spread of anti-vaccination ideas onInstagram and YouTube, and referred to a parent at his daughter’s primaryschool who had used WhatsApp to express concern about children’s immune systemsbeing “loaded up” with vaccines.

Online ID Verification For Us All?

Biometric identification could help social media?

I can’t see a problem where stricter meaningful ID verification is introduced by the social media platforms

nick marr

The Banks and the finance sector have mastered online ID why cant the social media platforms? The threat is so constant and potent to our children, our privacy and even our health, knowing who you are dealing with online has got to be a priority

Meaningful ID Verification

The Bank Societe Generale is giving its customers the chance to open an account online using biometric facial identification and a dynamic selfie. The bank is deploying this technology to simplify the banking process and reinforce personal data protection and confidentiality. Its this sort of level of identification I suggest that would start to take effect against the negative aspects of social media. I am a realist and know that no security measures are 100% but I believe this sort of action will help towards reducing:

  • Grooming of our children
  • Fake news
  • Online bullying
  • The wrong content being shown to children
  • Cybercrime
  • Troll activity
  • Fake social media accounts

New Laws Coming to the UK?

Margot James MP, the U.K.’s Minister for Digital said that “online safety is a top priority for the Government and we want to make the U.K. the safest place in the world to be online

Companies such as Facebook, Instagramand Snapchat will be expected to ensure that only children aged 13 and over areon their platforms and that the content is appropriate for their age.

Those that breach the “age appropriate”code face fines of up to 4 per cent of global turnover by Elizabeth Denham, theInformation Commissioner, who will police the new regime.

She said: “Our code will clearly outlinewhat is required of developers at the design stage so that children areprotected in the first place. Safeguards must be built in, not bolted on.

“We will not hesitate to use ourconsiderable powers to enforce the law.”

Much as a parent who buys their child a cuddly toy should have the confidence there are no sharp edges or loose fixings so they should have the confidence that online games, websites and new technologies will be safe, she said.

Social Media Companies Change or Die

It’s time for social media leaders to make the change after all you have your own kids, health and privacy at stake


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Early Adopters Meet Anchor

Anchor Radio

I am really excited by a new app called Anchor which is a free iPhone app that makes it easy to broadcast short audio clips to a global audience in seconds. Your listeners can talk back, sparking instant group conversations that were never before possible. When not recording, listen to authentic humour, knowledge, inspiration, and debate from Anchor’s global collective of personality.

The joining up process is the slickest I have ever experienced , it feels like you are getting a one to one personal tuition that takes you through the sort steps of setting up.

The first broadcast you make to a global audience is called a #FIRSTWAVE here you simply make a short recording by talking into your phone just how you would normally do. You get a chance to review and accept the recordings. Once I created my first wave I received some welcome messages from other users. I am based in London and I had “welcome Nick” messages from Australia and several people from the USA.

I put the app to work by asking a question regarding #socialmedia I then followed others who has made waves or broadcasts about the same subject. People gave advice and i was surprised by the replies.

How will brands use Anchor?

Anchor FM

It seems to me that brands will use the wave feature to undergo research and to gauge opinion. It will also serve as a great tool to help a message go viral. Each message can be shared on Twitter and you can also ask your entire address book to follow you. This powerful combination along with the fact its new and fun will see messages spread globally.

My Bald Anchor Test

I just recently created a term called #BALDSCAPE this is where a image or video features a scene that will also feature typically the top of a bald head. A bit of fun that will keep me amused and hopefully others when travelling or taking photos with my phone. I asked a question you can see this here


How to Use Anchor

Recording voice in Anchor is incredibly easy; you simply hold your phone up to your ear, just like talking on the telephone. Best of all, anyone can interact and respond, creating instant discussions that were never before possible on the internet. Once published, conversations can be shared as podcasts, and heard all over the web. More at Anchor

and more about #baldscapping

How to Gain Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

customer-loyalty-satisfactionYears ago, most businesses built relationships with their customers based on face-to-face interactions with the staff. Now however, many transactions take place online which means the way businesses develop relationships with their customers has changed. Since face to face strategies are out of the question, business owners and even digital marketing agencies are presented with a challenge. Here are a few things we can do to build customer loyalty and trust online.


  1. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect and interact with customers. Whether a consumer is vetting a company or finding out what people have to say about a particular company, more people are reaching businesses through social media. According to a study from Deloitte, 75% of online Americans say product information found on social channels influences their shopping behavior and enhances brand loyalty. If your business is on social media, be sure it is properly managed either by an in-house team or by a marketing agency that offers social media management. Poorly managed social media accounts can scare away potential customers.


  1. Use Loyalty Programs

A study by Nielsen found that 76% of North American consumers are more likely to choose retailers that offer loyalty programs. There are a variety of ways to implement a loyalty program online for customers such as email coupons, loyalty points and shipping perks. Most of all, make sure your loyalty program is easy to use. If your program is confusing and frustrating to use, it wouldn’t create any trust or loyalty.


  1. Encourage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important for any potential customer vetting a product or service online. Reviews are especially valuable since that potential customer can’t physically hold the product or try out the service before they buy it. Business owners should take advantage of their loyal customers by encouraging them to write up reviews and use this information to help boost the confidence in online shoppers. This strategy can even help build loyalty and many times these customers who write reviews then become brand ambassadors.


  1. Continue to Get Better.

It’s important to always be listening to your customers. One great way to do this is to review yourself constantly either by emailing or calling a group of customers after they’ve received your product or service. This allows you to generate feedback and find out what you can improve upon. Contacting customers also gives you an opportunity to talk about other services you offer and/or any specials you might have.


  1. Resolve Problems

When mistakes happen (and they will) make sure they are corrected quickly. People appreciate a call and apology because it shows accountability. Also, be sure your staff is all on the same page that if one customer is unhappy, it’s not one persons problem, it is everyones problem. Don’t be critical of each other. Focus on taking down your competitors, not your coworkers.


The new marketplace present challenges for both business owners and marketing agencies alike. They must create great experiences for all users. If these challenges are met head on and worked out there is huge ROI potential. Is your business ready for the new marketplace?