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Lets get social

I have created unique league table of the 500 most powerful social media influencers from my social media network. Included in my measuring system are the number and quality of Tweets, the amount of new followers, amount of engagement and retweets and your Klout score.


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So who is this geezer Nick Marr? 

A digital marketing executive with a very bald head!

I am an internet entrepreneur with a passion for driving big audiences and a love for real estate. I have had plenty of ups and downs which have given me the experience to help others launch their own businesses.

I  enjoy projects that save consumers time and money, challenge convention and add real value to peoples lives.  One of my first challenges in business came as I introduced a new way for homeowners to transact online. The For Sale By Owner websites i created challenged convention and in some cases were not compatible with existing legislation.

I worked with the UK Government Department of Trade and Industry to suggest innovations and repeal laws that at that time were stopping creativity and innovation. This resulted in law changes and the rise of the online estate agent in the UK

Nick Marr FT

Nick Marr featured in the UK Financial Times as the first online estate agent read more here

Digital media entrepreneur 

I have found that startups offer some great challenges and provide some of the best rewards.  I view myself as a safe pair of hands spending money wisely and with an intuition that comes naturally as an entrepreneur.  see recent projects.

Property, Property, Property!

Nick Marr Property

Since 2000 I have run a number of real estate-related businesses and have developed an expertise in digital marketing for the real estate sector. I am owner-founder of 

  • – over 1 million international listings and a news source for Google news
  • TheLittleHouseCompany – UK’ biggest ‘for sale by owner’ website online since 2000
  • – UK’s first property portal where agents, owners and developers advertise together
  •  – advertise locally with Chinese, Russian, Italian, French and Portuguese versions 
  • RedPropertyMedia – Digital Marketing Agency for the property industry managing social media for hundreds of clients

Leadership Coach and Speaker

Nick Marr Diversity & Inclusion SpeakerWorking Working with organisations to build a more inclusive workforce. Developing senior staff in becoming better leaders. Speaker at events aimed at inspiring leaders to empower people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different. Working towards inclusion in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin. See Inclusive Employers

Me and Content Marketing

I was proud to help bring the first content discovery platform from Russia, to Europe and assisted with Thailand-based Yengo expansion in Europe.  I also worked with some great guys from New York with Ideal Media helping promote their offering to the UK.

Interview about future of content marketing (lots of shine of my head)

Let’s get started!

Running an online business as your main source of income makes you think long and hard about maximising your revenue. I managed to eek profits from every part of an online business. This experience helped me create or manage new start-ups that earned every penny to survive.  Ignoring the marketing fluff that does not help you hit your target, identifying real value is key.  

Content is king

Nick Marr SEO content

Director for two content marketing agencies has shown me that no matter what Google does to an algorithm good quality content will always keep an online business up in the search results.

My top tips for SEO

Never be selfish, always add value to a users experience this is the key to search engine optimisation, linking out to relevant sites , linking internally to more information, adding content from videos, images to an Infographic will rank your page high!


No I in Team

More heads mean more success!

My most successful projects involve great teams. I really enjoy and value opinion, difference and ideas from a team. Creating a team that’s not like me and delegating responsibility and promoting enthusiasm is key to any project’s success.

I strongly believe that employing inexperienced but talented enthusiastic individuals is one of the best things a business can do. 

All businesses need to respond to clients feedback and respond to new client demands. Clients are sometimes the ones that see the obvious pitfalls in a business and they should be seen as part of your team.



pic-5Keeping business fun

We all work best where there are fun and energy in an organization. My experience tells me that you get the best from people by allowing them room to explore and unleash their own ideas. Passion for what you do is, without a doubt, passed onto everyone around you and I like being surrounded by positive people. 


Celebrate success and the team will thrive 

 Without doubt celebrating every success and recognising the efforts of individuals is one of the best ways to help people enjoy what they do.


“I love generating ideas in the middle of the night that make money”

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