Google Rankbrain an SEO Factor for 2019?

Google Rankbrain an SEO Factor for 2019?

Since 2015 when Google’s announcement that its search was now subject to a machine learning algorithm called RankBrain the SEO industry has tried to work out ways of taking advantage of this AI.

Recent comments have now made search engine optimisation professionals doubt how it’s being used.

Whats Rankbrain?

RankBrain is described as a machine learning-based search engine algorithm, It helps Google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users. Google commented that RankBrain was the third most important factor in the ranking algorithm along with links and content. With this sort of news, it make sense that everyone in the sector found ways to combat or take advantage of the new algorithm says Pre-RankBrain, it might have been appropriate to assess website page optimization by evaluating all traditional signals (link diversity, content depth, keyword matching, etc.). Post-RankBrain, SEOs need to determine the type of content that best serves users’ needs. For something like a sudden hurricane, you’re going to count on freshness much more than the links a piece might have accrued. For something like the history of Indigenous American music, you’ll be relying on content depth, and possibly related topics your domain covers, signaling authority. Know that the machine learning algorithms that drive RankBrain are matching signals to query intent, and that SEOs must do this, too.

In short, RankBrain tweaks the algorithm on its own.


Depending on the keyword, RankBrain will increase or decrease the importance of backlinks, content freshness, content length, domain authority etc.

Then, it looks at how Google searchers interact with the new search results. If users like the new algorithm better, it stays. If not, RankBrain rolls back the old algorithm.

Here’s the craziest part:

Google asked a group of Google Engineers to identify the best page for a given search. They also asked RankBrain.

And RankBrain outperformed brainy Google engineers by 10%! thought to be important part of Googles ranking algorithm

Latest on Google Rankbrain

RankBrain. Lots of people keep saying that part of the RB system includes UX signals, including Dwell Time, Bounce Rate, Click Through Rate etc.

As I understood it, RB was about trying to fathom what results to serve for unrecognized searches.

Can you please confirm/deny whether RB uses UX signals of any kind?”


In response, Illyes explained that RankBrain uses search data to predict what a person might click on when searching for something that hasn’t been entered into Google before.

“RankBrain is a PR-sexy machine learning ranking component that uses historical search data to predict what would a user most likely click on for a previously unseen query.”

He goes on to state that RankBrain frequently solves problems that Google used to run into with traditional algorithms.

Rankbrain SEO Factor

Is RankBrain is juhelper/predictor/ predictor has the SEO sector overcomplicated the original announcements or is this just one guy at Google giving an oversimplified explanation of Rankbrain.

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