Kicking Off Your Start Up The Right Way

Kicking Off Your Start Up The Right Way

The online space is a busy place. There’s just too many things going on at once, with marketers clamouring to get their voice heard, let alone seen. In addition to this, the typical online consumer has an attention span shorter than a goldfish’s- 8 seconds. So how can you stand out? I spoke with business and start up bridging finance experts from UK Bridging Loans about how to do just that.

To get people to listen to you, you need to have an arsenal of digital marketing strategies. Here are 5 digital marketing hacks for Startups to gain a competitive edge over their more established counterparts.

These strategies are not only easy to implement but inexpensive too.

Take advantage of Influencers

Peer and influencer endorsement is becoming more popular and essential for digital marketing growth. Shoppers today, are searching for real voices they can trust. As they get more cynical, recommendations from a trusted peer is more reliable than generic messages from a big brand.

On the vlogging scene, Zoella, YouTube’s beauty and makeup sensation charges brands several pounds to review their products on her channel. Her influence on millennials is so powerful, these brands are willing to work with her. The good news is you don’t have to pay as much- identify inexpensive yet effective influencers in your niche and work with them. Freebies work too!

Make use of email marketing and email reminders

To get the best of email marketing, don’t keep it in a silo, or you would be limiting it’s potential. Incorporate your email marketing campaigns into your marketing campaigns for maximum effect. For example, if you are organising a Facebook competition, increase the number of participants by informing those loyal customers in your email subscriber list.

Email marketing is still an effective means of boosting your marketing campaign. Many businesses have attributed the marked increase in the coupon sales to well-targeted email strategies.

Webinars are important too

Many people are yet to leverage the impact webinars have in generating leads and building loyalty. According to webcast experts, some webinars have been responsible for up to 70% rebound effect mainly from people who viewed the broadcast live, and new visitors. This is because they are more interactive and keep leads or potential customers engaged.

The key is to keep your webinar content rich with relevant material- make sure your target audience need can identify with the topics. It should also be well organised and hosted by someone with a lot of experience conducting webinars.

Don’t forget social media 

If you haven’t been using social media, start today. Social media produces almost twice the marketing leads of trade events, telemarketing and direct mail.

“Social media can be inundating at times, so it is better to start with one social platform first. Make sure it’s one where your audience spend time. It could be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram—establish your presence and begin to grow from there.”

Once you have set up an account, start connecting and interacting with potential customers by producing interesting content. Social media can be tied to your other marketing campaigns, and used to direct traffic to your online store.

Recruit The People Who Buy Into Your Vision

Start up recruitment needs to work and work for you. You won’t have the budget to waste on the wrong people. They will need to have bought into your vision and be on board from day one to
make your company a roaring success. They will need to be very innovative and can work on their own initiative wit ease as the company grows the input from your hired help is going to be invaluable.

Always track your progress

 How else can you measure your performance? If you have no idea of how to track your progress, it will be difficult to improve or change strategies that are not working. There are several analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite (for social media) to monitor the growth of your campaign.

Your Startup requires a competitive digital marketing presence. Adopt these five essential tips to create a strong customer database and stay ahead of your competitors.

BIO: Hello I am James also known as FirespinJay I am Graduate from Swansea University who has travelled the Entrepreneurial path to running a company of 10 people. I have also worked both client and agency side and have a passion for helping start-ups. I enjoy eco-living and spinning fire poi!