The 6 Top Tips for Hiring People

The 6 Top Tips for Hiring People

Having the right people working in your company can make or break your business.  Managing your stress during employee recruitment is important and you need to remember that you are not going to be able to please everyone in your company. 

As it is important for job seekers to keep up to date with industry news, it is also important that employers know what is going on in their industry and how this can affect their employment process. Take a look at Redline to stay informed.

However, this does not mean you should take a disorganized approach to recruitment and there are certain rules that you need to follow to ensure that you hire the right person.

Look for Commitment to Their Career

You will want to hire a candidate who is committed to their career instead of one that is not.  Candidates that switch careers often or jump from one job to the next in order to get a higher salary should be avoided.  If the candidate is not loyal to any company they could cause problems for your business in the long run.

To determine commitment, you need to look at the duration of the candidate’s last jobs.  If they are constantly changing jobs, it is a sign that they may not be the right one for your business.

Test Learning and Analytical Skills

You should try using different methodologies when it comes to testing learning and analytical skills.  This testing can be tricky, but it will ensure that you are evaluating the candidates on more than just their resume.  After all, it is possible that they have padded the resume to make them look better.

While you might be drawn to the candidate who is confident, you need to ensure that they have the right skills and education to back up their confidence.  Being confident is important, but you want to hire someone who can actually do the job you have to fill.

Check for Compatibility

When hiring someone, you need to check that they will be able to fit into your company culture.  To determine this, you should look at the social skills the candidate has in terms of getting along with others both colleagues and management.  During the interview, you should ask them about how they manage current clients in order to judge their compatibility with your company.

In order to work with you, the candidate will need to show willingness.  If the candidate does not get along with the previous boss or clients, you need to find out more.  This could be a red flag and a sign that they are not the candidate that you should be hiring.

Always Improve Your Hiring Process

Your hiring process is something that you need to focus on before you start looking at candidates whether you are recruiting for a big organization or looking for people for your start-up.  When assessing your hiring process, you need to consider if it has the following:

•                Instead of asking bullet point questions, you need to focus on getting to know the candidate along with their capabilities, skills, attitude, skills and overall potential within your company.

•                When advertising the job, you need to ensure that all of the responsibilities, experience, required education, knowledge and skills have been clearly listed.  Doing this will help you to evaluate the candidates and get more applications from people who truly fulfil all of your requirements. 

•                Involve other people in the evaluation process as this will provide you with more opinions on the candidate and ensure that the candidate will be able to work with their supervisor or colleagues. 

Don’t Forget About Interns

There are some people who disagree that interns are the best way to hire the right employee for your business, but this is something that you should consider.  When you hire an intern, you will learn their strengths as well as their weaknesses along with getting some practical evidence of their work and attitude.  This is all you need to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the company. 

When you pick an intern, you are already doing all of the hard work of narrowing the field.  This provides you with a potential pool of candidates who can fill the permanent positions that you have available.  An added bonus is that they already know how the company works.

Get Social with the Candidates

Personal questions can make an interview uncomfortable and may not get you anywhere.  You should instead analyze the candidate’s presence on social media.  This is a good strategy, particularly if you are hiring in a tech business.