YouTube Marketing What You Need To Know!


The power of Youtube cannot be underestimated it can provide businesses with a fresh source of traffic and business and enhance a brand. Budgets to perform well do not need to be huge and success can be had with some simple tips and advice that I provide below.

Capture the marketing power of Youtube

I was amazed at the power of an Iphone, Imovie and Youtube when I created a video whilst visiting the Thai island of Koh Samui see video below. Just like any social media platform don’t make the mistake of bombarding users with your ‘buy now’ message. Businesses that purely sell on social media turn off their followers and find it hard to engage at the important time when they want there key business messages to be heard.

The Facts About YouTube Marketing

1.YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

2. Since March 2014, the number of people watching YouTube videos has increased by 40%

3. YouTube has over a billion users which is almost a third of ALL people on the internet.

Marketing Advice

Your videos should be findable both within and outside of YouTube. Videos often appear on the first page of search engines, and are a proven method of leap-frogging your competition to the top of the search results page. The fact that Google owns YouTube can’t be overlooked.

how to stop a puppy from biting

Create a video that targets your audience’s searches and you’ll grab their attention.

To make your video more findable, you’ll want to focus on three key areas:

  • Title: Make sure your targeted keywords are in the first few words of your title. Another trick is to add a colon after your initial keywords and rephrase your title for maximum effect. For example, your video on saving money for college might be called “College Savings Plans: The 529 Plan and Your Child.”
  • Description: Two things to keep in mind here: 1) start your description with a full URL, and 2) don’t be stingy with your description—more is… well, more. Be as descriptive and keyword-rich as possible. This will help you get found more easily by people searching YouTube for your type of content. You can also include more URLs throughout your content.

What Skills Do I Need?

In order to create videos that are going to be worth your audience’s time, you (or a team) are going to need to have a solid handle on at least these 5 areas:

  • Storytelling/Writing
  • Editing
  • Composition
  • Networking
  • A Basic Understanding of SEO

These basic components are in the DNA of nearly every video that spreads online.

Make Video Descriptions with Long Tail Keywords

In the past, if you had a channel dedicated to travel tips, you might create video descriptions with short keywords such as “travel,” “traveling”, “airfare” and “destinations”. Now, there’s much more of a focus on long tail keywords, which mimic the way people actually search for things online.

When posting video featuring your tips to get good travel deals, you might use phrases like “How to save money on a hotel” or “Easy ways to get the cheapest flights,” assuming your video covers those topics. In addition to using those keywords naturally in the video’s description, it’s useful to incorporate them into the “channel keywords” section of your profile. This could help your video rank more highly in Google, which may result in more viewers.

Here is one of mine

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